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Share Jesus

Where do we meet people in our everyday?

Sharing our faith in words and actions needs to take place where people are. Most of Jesus’ and Paul’s conversations with people were not in the synagogue, but everyday places: hillsides, town squares, fishing boats and homes. Where are our everyday places of connection?

Homes, schools, offices, shops, parks, gyms - what can you add to the list from your everyday?

Sharing is not talking at people about Jesus, shouting on a street corner. Sharing is about intentionality; deciding to bring faith into everyday conversations; going where people are; being alert to opportunities and confident enough to take them when they come.

When someone asks, ‘What did you do at the weekend?’ Could you mention church?
When someone grumbles about the news, can you talk about what gives you hope?
When someone asks how you got through a difficult time, can you share how faith helped you?
Often a story in the news, film or article in a magazine or on social media might be a ‘way in’. 

Hope For All Magazine

Christmas-Magazine-22-Front-CoYou might want to buy Hope for All magazine and find a story a friend would be interested in. 

A lot of our magazine content can be found on our Hope For All website which includes stories, videos, resources and giveaways which might help you as you share Jesus with others.

Discover Bible App

Discover-App-LogoSometimes people we are sharing Jesus with want to know more. The Discover Bible App is a great resource for sharing Jesus simply with people by reading the Bible together and you can find it on OIKOS! The Discover App is a Discovery Bible Study App ideal for exploring faith in small groups with people who are spiritually interested. The studies are designed to give people an overview of the whole story of the Bible, and to help people ask questions which allow them to encounter God in the text.

Available in over twenty languages, with full text and audio, the app is ideal for sharing with refugee or immigrant enquirers, and for running groups with people whose literacy is poor. If you’ve ever wondered how to disciple the people you are praying for, Discover Bible Study is an excellent approach. Its simplicity means that it is easy to engage with and easy for people to pass on to friends and family as they come alive to the gospel.
Get the app on your phone today, so you can start spiritual conversations with anyone you meet. 

Find out more:
Fathers-Love-LetterThe Father’s Love Letter is an intimate message from God to you…us, to anyone we want to share it with. The Father’s Love Letter is a collection of paraphrased Bible verses that are presented in the form of a tender love letter from God to you. It is available in 125 languages and has been shared around the world in many multi media formats. Many Christians and churches have used it as part of a home-to-home approach.

You can find it here and also via our partners menu on the OIKOS app.

Talking-Mission-Logo-MediumTalking Mission With

  • Have you read this page so far and thought, ‘Yes!’
  • Do you love to share Jesus with people every day in everyday ways?
  • Are you someone who is passionate about joining in with the work of God in your community?
  • Are you a mission enthusiast?
  • Are you rooted in the ‘little and local’, watching for and ushering in the hopeful signs of the kingdom of God in your neighbourhood?
  • Would you like to connect with like-minded people to share stories and mutual inspiration?
If so Talking Mission With is for you.

Talking Mission With is a missional learning community and we’d love you to be part of it. You can read more about us here or you can email Sammy Jordan 

Hope for Every Home is part of HOPE Together
Reimagining what neighbourhood mission looks, by encouraging Christians to pray for their streets, connect with their neighbours in the everyday and share Jesus where they live.